Yoga Retreat

Combine your vacation with yoga classes and healthy nutrition.

A window of energy, health and peacefulness will open up for you.

Along with the beNatura team, we will develop your personalized yoga retreat program, including the selection from multiple menus, life coaching and personal development, meditation sessions, trekking in nature.

Yoga Retreat
Yoga Teacher Emma Jane Landolt, @emmalandolt
beNatura - Yoga Retreat
Yoga photos by Juliana Alvarez, @julianaalvarez

Our beNatura team offers:

  • Private Yoga retreat 7 or 15 days for one person taking place at your premises.
    (personal chef / personal yoga trainer)

  • Yoga retreat 7 or 10 days for a group of minimum 4 participants, taking place in a beNatura selected location.
    (beNatura selected premises / personal chef / personal yoga trainer)

  • BeNatura Yoga retreat 7 days for 1 person and / or group.
    (beNatura selected premises or your own / personal chef / personal yoga trainer)

Sattvic Food

Sattvic food represents a “clean” way of eating. A diet suitable for the dedicated yoga practitioners. It nourishes the body and creates a balanced body function. Consequently the state of mind becomes calm and peaceful. The person can function at its maximum potential. Energy flows, health is achieved for the body, soul and mind.

A philosophy rooted in a physical culture of health & well-being.

We are at your disposal for any further information.